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In business for more than thirty years,

Groupe Comptec offers inventory-taking services in various business sectors, regardless of the size of the company. Our tools and methods ensure reliability, speed and efficiency, our team is solidly trained and punctual. Groupe Comptec has solid expertise based on the development of unique and effective ways of doing things. Flexible schedules to meet your expectations, computerized and personalized reports, reasonable rates. That's what Comptec offers you.


Superior Performance

A quick inventory, accurate, with calculators and computerized reports, personalized are provided to you at the end of the work. You're assured of industry-leading accuracy with our industry-leading technology. State-of-the-art equipment that also provides you with the fastest service. Our clear reports, adapted to your needs, allow you to easily compare the inventory with the previous ones.


To improve your results

Inventory with barcodes is done with optical reader. This validates the product code, saves the section, the tablet and the quantity. The data is sent to Comptec's central system. At the end of the work, you are given a detailed inventory with computerized report.

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